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Detection equipment
Length measuring instrument
Measuring room
Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Roughness tester
Metallographic specimen inlaying machine
Metallographic microscope
Precision bearing plant
Plain bearing production workshop
Physical and chemical metallurgical microscope
Part sorting table
Rockwell hardness tester
Pneumatic instrument
Production workshop inspection station
Bearing cleaning and oiling line
Sample cutting machine
Numerical control machining area
Cylindricity Measuring Instrument
Short circuit test instrument interturn
The number of turns of the coil measuring instrument
Cylindricity Measuring Instrument
Vivtorinox hardness
Digital recorder
Withstand voltage tester
Flow test stand
Precision NC grinding machine
Precision CNC lathe
High precision CNC machine tools
Article mill
High precision resistance meter
Inductive instrument
The electromagnetic force test platform
Belt tension control of winding machine
Testing equipment of electromagnetic valve
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